Thursday, January 31, 2013

"Peace Child"

The Book "Peace Child"

Imagine sharing the gospel with cannibals 
Who admire Judas's betrayal more than Jesus' sacrifice

Among the headhunting Sawi of Irian Jaya, treachery was an ideal that generations of their people had perfected. The heroes of Sawi legend weren't those who took the greatest number of heads in battle or ambush, but those who were the most deceitful in befriending their victims before they took their heads.

When missionaries Don and Carol Richardson searched for the key that would open the gospel to the Sawi, God moved in a stunning way. He revealed His true Peace Child–the ideal fulfilment of the Sawi's own redemptive analogy. Peace Child chronicles the agony–and the triumph–of the Richardson's unforgettable sojourn among this people loved by God.

-Taken From "Peace Child" 

I interviewed my sister Gabby about the book because she just finished it. This is what was said: 

Evangela- "What is your favorite part in the book?"

Gabby- "My favorite part is when the Richardson's were in a boat and they tipped over.  They only found the mother and one of the two sons.  They could not find their other son Steven. After several minutes they found him alive. The amazing part was that he never  breathed in any water the whole time!"

Evangela- "What were the Sawi like before the missionaries came?"

Gabby- "Before they were cannibals and they would just kill each other for fun. They also exchanged "Peace Childs" in order to make peace with other tribes. Often though the peace would not last long and the child would be killed.

Evangela- "What happened when the missionaries came?"

Gabby- "The indians were scared at first and they ran away but over time they began to love the Richardson's and treat them kindly."

Evangela- "How did the Sawi life change after the missionaries came?"

Gabby- "At first the Sawi were not very interested about God but He moved in a miraculous way one day. Through a fathers grief over giving his only son in order to make peace, the whole tribe was able to understand how God felt when having to give His only Son so that way they could have peace. The ultimate Peace Child had already been given! After this revelation the Sawi life changed dramatically. They stopped their killing and the exchanging of the peace child was exchanged with a simple ceremony of forgiveness." 

Evangela-"Thank you Gabby!"

"You and your ancestors are not the only ones who found that peace required a peace child. The Spirit whose message I bear has declared the same thing–true peace can never come without a peace child! Never!"

-Taken From "Peace Child"

I hope you have enjoyed my second missionary book review for my blog. If you have a favorite missionary book you love, I would be thrilled to hear from you! I hope you all have a blessed day! 

-Evangela Grace

By the way, those who are participating in the Liebster award can still continue on as normal. I will continue updating the page as more bloggers join. Newer posts will not effect those participating in the award.  Also,  I am planning on making a post with a couple of my favorite answers that I received when everyone has finished their answers ...... I will tell everyone when I have finished it. 


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    1. Thank you so much for the invitation! I will come by and take a look!
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  2. Great interview and information on this book! It looks really fascinating!!


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