Friday, January 18, 2013

Snow, Snow All Around, In The Air And On The Ground!

 Yes!!!! It finally snowed!!! At first it started out as sleet and gradually turned from frozen balls into floating snow! We were out getting our weekly movie when it started to sleet and by the time we got home the snow was coming down thick. We slid a couple times coming home (nothing big) but it was enough to add to the adrenaline of the moment. The long awaited snow had arrived! As soon as we pulled in the drive the kids dashed out of the truck to play in the snow....I waited until I got dressed up in my snow gear before I went out to play. We played outside from 11:45 to around 5:00 in the evening. We went over to our neighbors house with some friends and built them a snowman and made several snowmen for ourselves, including one Hawaiian snowman which we put up next to the road.
Our Neighbors House 
Nathan Trying To Ride His Scooter In The Snow

Justice On His Way To Play

Nathan Sledding Down The Hill (The sleds were given to us by our Aunt Heide for Christmas)

Nathan Carrying His "Snowman-To-Be"

Verity Testing A New Theory Of Torture

Verity and Gabby Building A Snowman

Nathan And Justice In A Snow Fight

Nathan In His Snow Gear

Mikaela Drawing On The Driveway
The younger kids had tons of fun playing in the snow. Justice was freezing but he would not come in because he was having so much fun!  Us older kids had lots of fun too. I helped Gabby build a HUGE snowman. (She rolled the snow balls until they were to big and then I helped roll and then stack them on top of each other) Liberty did not play in the snow much because it was so cold and she did not really care to be out in it. Maybe if it snows next year she will be able to enjoy it better. Dad and Mom were thrilled to see us all having such a fun time in the snow. My Mom took pictures of us and helped clean all of the snow that ended up inside. Every couple minutes someone was charging inside for a breath of warm air and a quick change of socks. (Since snow kept getting inside our boots we kept having to change them often or our toes would freeze!) I probably changed socks 5 times while we were playing. One time I had 4 pairs of socks on at a time! Around 3:00 it began to snow like crazy and I could hardly see across our property. I went on a walk and took pictures of all the snow but it was very hard since snow kept flying into my camera lens. Later our friends next door came over and we built a snowman for our other neighbors and took a quick hike through our neighbors property to see their creek. Then we all played "Apples To Apples" and ate popcorn and then we watched a movie together.
Nathan Driving His Remote Controlled  Car

My Hand-Print In The Snow 

Mikaela Making An "Icee"

Mikaela made us the face scarfs for Christmas.....The hole was just big enough for my tongue to fit through! :) (My Mom wanted me to add this picture)

Snow covered logs

A frozen Justice hugging a snowman

Me building a snowman 

Our house right before the major snow sweep came through

Our Hawaiian snowman

Our Hawaiian snowman (My camera had snow all over the lens)

Mikaela's snowman at the bottom of our mailbox

Gabby and I sitting on our snowmen while trying to see who could reach the highest

Our pond and all the snow falling

Mikaela showing off a snow covered shovel

My camera accidentally made everything blue....I though it looked very pretty though

Nathan in a T-shirt and shorts (Not a smart idea) throwing Mikaela her camera (Another not-so-smart idea) 

Our house again

I am so thankful to God for letting us be able to have "real" snow this year. (Not little flurries)  We enjoyed it so much. Already the snow has melted to hardly the yard just looks like one of the dogs got into the trash and white diapers are all over the yard!

Have a great day!

   Evangela Grace
Thank you God for giving us a day of snow! 


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    Evangela Grace

  2. Beautiful photos, Evangela! And thank you for your penpal letter, I received it the other day. Also please tell Mikaela thank you for calling on my birthday...I will try to call y'all back as soon as I can when I can find some spare time for it!! Thank you for thinking of me!

    Also, I just wanted to tell you, I nominated you for a blog award! You can learn more about it at this link:



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