Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Please Read!

Hello Followers! Well, I have some news: I am not going to be blogging any more. Have any of y’all ever noticed how short your week is? When I was little, I used to think that a week was forever! But as I have gotten older, I have begun to realize how short a day, week and year really are. How many of y’all are scared to hear that Christmas is only a few months away?!  So, I have been looking back over all the things I have done this year...and the things I planned to do this year....and realizing that too many “small” projects have taken over my life, these projects include blogging and a couple other things as well. At first, I was really excited to start my blog and even more excited to read all of y’alls encouraging comments, but as time goes on, I have realized that I have more “friends” on the internet than in “real life”. I also began to notice that I am not a very talented writer and between the amount of time it takes me to write a post, I end up spending more time talking to my “internet friends” than the few friends that I have given my word that I would keep up with. Also, I realized that I worried too much about writing a post when too many weeks (or months:) go by.....which meant less peaceful sleep and more anxiety over such a small matter. So, I have decided, that I am going to stop blogging. In a way I am sad to say goodbye to all the amazing girls I have met through my blog, but I am also relieved to spend more time working on building relationships with my family and close friends. I will be leaving my blog up, so I can look back and read all my posts, but I will not be posting any more posts unless God directs me otherwise later on. Thank you all so much, to each of you who have followed my blog or commented or even just read through my blog. I have learned a lot of amazing ideas from you and your blogs, so keep up the great work! I hope you all have enjoyed the few posts that I have written and I hope you all have a SUPER day!!!