Monday, March 11, 2013

Another Contest!

I just finished a header and button for Hadassah's blog design challenge! I created a header and button for her photography blog that she is just starting called "Behind My Camera Lens"which I entered in her contest. You can visit her photography blog by clicking here, or even better....follow! Hadassah is a contributor to "Designed To Inspire" and this is where I heard about her challenge. There is still 2 days 'till the contest ends so if any of y'all creative girls out there would like to try out for it, go on ahead! If you click the caption that says "button" below the button it will also take you to Hadassah's photography blog. Oh! By the way, I am hoping to post the first tid-bit of a story I am working on here soon! (I have not come up with a name for it yet. The story takes place during WW2 in Belgium.) I would love to hear all of y'alls input about it! Have a blessed day!




  1. Thank you so much for entering! I really like it!

  2. My pleasure! Thank you for doing the contest! I love doing this kind of stuff.

  3. Actually, I just started to write this story that I am working on right now. I had started a lot of stories when I was younger but they never worked out. The one I am working on right now is called "Together Because of Forgiveness", but of course the name could change between now and when/if I finish it. I have a blog that I am going to be posting any updated pieces of the story, if you would like to follow. Here is the link:

    I am still working on the blog but I am hoping to start posting the pieces of the story that I have done so far some time soon. I am hoping that the blog will help inspire me to keep on writing. :)


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