Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Exploring The "Delopidated" House

 This weekend my sister and I went and stayed at a friends house. The mother is expecting her 6th child and we are all so excited! While we were over at their house helping out, her kids took us out to the “delopidated” house as the kids call it. (Dilapidated) :) We had a blast searching for treasure and trophies to take back home with us. Mikaela and Allie, the bravest of the bunch, were so excited that they even went to the extreme of going underneath the house to find treasure! Amazingly, most of the treasure was found underneath the house. (Since the house was pretty old, it had been built up on top of large stones leaving a fairly wide gap between the floor and the ground.) Mikaela’s souvenir was a glass Mountain Dew bottle. It seemed to have been made sometime in the late 1900’s. Allies souvenir was two old dresses that we found in the house. My souvenir was an old key that I found in what looked like a closet. For there not being much else....a pot and an old shoe....I think we all did a pretty good job of treasure hunting that day! Here are some pictures of our exciting day “treasure hunting” with our friends.
Getting the younger kids inside through the window

Mikaela with her pot and Mountain Dew bottle + her photogenic smile
Mikaela holding up a dress the girls found in the loft
The piece of a splinter that went through my shoe and pricked my toe! (I had sneakers on!) 
While I was at the house I had a great opportunity for taking some pictures. Here are a couple of the ones I edited.
Wasps nests in corner

The "turquoise room" wall...amazing texture photo! 

The "Delopidated" house 

Allie walking through the doorway (Going to find Mikaela)

 Penelope's boots 

Here is the key I found

Smiling Penelope

Me, looking out over the gorgeous landscape

This house had some amazing windows covered in vines 

This is a hole in the floor (Not quite sure why I took a picture of that)

The "delopidated" house from the pond view

The "dilapidated" house, from behind the weeds and cattails 

We had a wonderful time at our friends house! I hope you all enjoyed the pictures of our time exploring the "dilapidated" house!

With grace and peace,
             Evangela Grace


  1. Awesome photos, Evangela! What a fun time y'all must have had!

  2. Oh, and I tagged you in a fashion tag post! http://apassionatafortheking.blogspot.com/2013/03/ze-fashion-tag.html#comment-form


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