Saturday, April 13, 2013

Paragraph No.1

Boom! A cloud of dirt and smoke flew into the sky as 17 year old Kaleb Herschel ran and took cover behind a tree. The sound of the roaring engine of a German Heinkel He 111* bomber plane flew swiftly overhead and disappeared into the horizon. The silhouette of the boy’s tired body sank back against the tree as he wiped sweat from his forehead. A quiet moan broke the now silent landscape. "Why? Why?!" The boy cried. "Why am I here? Why are things not as they should be....Normal! Why did You have to send me out here in the middle of nowhere, alone!" His cries almost sounded more like a demand rather than a question. He rested his head on his hands and moaned again. Quietly, a cool breeze blew across the torn landscape and a whispering voice, or was it the wind, seemed to say, "Kaleb. I have not left you....You are not alone."  The limp head of the boy straightened up as he glanced around then whispered, "Lord, if You are here, please show me Yourself." Then he laid his head against the tree and fell fast asleep.

This is the first paragraph I wrote for my book, Together Because Of Forgiveness. I am not positively in love with the title and I have a couple siblings who do not quite prefer it so I am totally open to any suggestions and would definitely write down your ideas on my list of title “possibilities”. 
In my next post about my story, I will be introducing you to my main character Kaleb Hershel, and perhaps some other characters. I am very excited about introducing them to you all! 

By the way, I would love for you all to stop by my blog specifically for my story. Hopefully, over time I will be posting extra bits and pieces of my story there, along with pictures and such. You can click here to go to the address. 

*The Heinkel He 111 was a main German bomber plane during WW2


  1. Cool. Is this going to be a full length novel?

    As for suggesting titles, I can't say without knowing more about the book. Anyway, good luck with the writing!

    1. Yahweh willing, this will be a full length novel....for the moment that is my plan. :)

      I understand about the titles....I am hoping to do a post with a quick review of what my book is about soon. I already did an extremely short review on my story's blog but the next one will be a lot longer. Thank you!


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