Monday, March 4, 2013

Lyric Challenge & Possible Photo Contest

Hello Everyone! Britt from Designed to Inspire is doing a lyric challenge. Her challenge is to get a picture and make lyrics to go with a song that you like. She said it was OK if you made a couple and she would choose which one she likes best to enter in the contest. Here are some of the ones I made. 

Casting Crowns "Already There"

Meredith Andrews "Not For A Moment"

Philips, Craig, and Dean "Your Love Is Amazing"

I love doing contests and I was wondering if any of y'all who are into photography would like to do a photo contest? I was thinking that the theme could be something like "Spring On The Way". I am not going to do it if I do not get at least 5 people to participate so if you would like to be apart of the contest please leave a comment and tell me so that way I can get ready. Also, since I only have 11 followers I may not be able to get 5 people to do this so if you can spread the word perhaps we can get a good amount....the more the merrier! Also, do any of y'all want to sponsor the prize for the contest? If we get enough people I can do 1st. 2nd. and 3rd. place prizes so if any of y'all would like to sponsor that, I would be very thankful! If nobody is able to sponsor the prize I can provide it.  

Thank you all and I hope that your day is filled with God's grace and blessings! 

Evangela Grace

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