Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Birthday Fun!

My birthday this week was wonderful! The most exciting part was that my parents took me out to go get my learners driving permit....which I passed!  Exciting it was, yet tense at the same time. Thankfully, I had studied on the Internet for a while the night before plus my super Dad helped me too. 

Taking my test (I am not sure what the phones were for)
The next day Mom and Dad took me to practice driving (Don't worry, we practiced in a huge abandoned parking lot)

The first thing we did that day though, was go to a gun range and shoot my Dads hand guns. The gun range was in a building and because it was so loud we had to wear ear coverings. I felt so bad for the people that worked in the range and couldn't help wondering how bad their hearing was! 

Dad and I smiling (I just made the hit closest to the center)

Me shooting

Dad shooting

Mom shooting

After this we went to get my learners permit which took at least 3 hours. Then we went and got lunch which sort of turned into "lunner" (half lunch, half dinner). While we were eating, our waitress, who was an older Chinese lady, came up to re-fill our drinks. She asked my Mom if she wanted tea and my mom nodded yes then she asked me if I wanted more Dr.. Pepper and I nodded yes, then she asked my Dad something and walked away. We all looked at each other and Dad said "Did she really ask me if I wanted more moonshine?" "That is what it sounded like", Mom said. Then, the lady came back and laughed and said, "I was just joking!" We all laughed! Later, The lady went on to tell us that when she lived in Kentucky they would go fishing and when they were done they would go visit all the old stills. 

After we finished eating we had a few errands to run. Then, right when I thought that all the fun had started all over again!

 While we were gone the kids had decorated our bedroom and set up a gorgeous tea party. My marvelous Mom surprised me by buying beautiful teacups with saucers and a lovely rack to hang them on! I love them sooo much! While we drank our tea and ate little treats, we told the kids all about our day and got really hyper because of all the sugar we had that day and started acting silly....which was fun.   The girls even made a canopy out of curtains around my bed which was soooo beautiful. 

The table set up nice and fancy

My bed with the canopy (I share the bed with Gabby)

My favorite tea cup

Me holding up some of the treats we got

There was a lot more that happened that day which would take forever to tell so I just named off the highlights of the day. Oh! Something we found out while we were at the gun range......Never try to break into our house while my Mom is home...she has the best shot in the county! :) Of course, we could just use the Southern Home Security System......That will be a post for another day! 


  1. wow that all sounds so much fun! I see you did the canopy of curtains over your bed! :)

    Have a great day and God bless


  2. Wow, Evangela, it looks like you had a GREAT birthday!! Congrats on your learners' permit!! It's so hard to believe you're fifteen now!! And I'll admit I am slightly envious (just kidding, not really, though I WOULD love to go to a shooting range) about you gettin to go to a shooting range. I really want to do that sometime. I bet you are an awesome shot!
    And your bed/canopy looks beautiful! Did you move out of that room you were in that had the two bunk bed sets?


    1. Thank you! Yes, I had a wonderful birthday! In response to your question, No, we did not move rooms, but Nathan and Justice moved into the middle room, and Verity and Liberty are in the end room. Mikaela, Gabby and I are in the same room we were in before but now we have the king size bed. :) (Nathan and Justice have one bunk bed and Verity and Liberty have the other)

  3. Happy Belated Birthday!!! Looks like you had a super fun day! Congrats on your permit!



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