Friday, February 1, 2013

Flavors Of Favor- New Morning Posts

Grace- acceptance, benefit, favor, gift, joy, pleasure, thanks

When my Mom asked me what grace was the other day I was surprised. Not because of what it meant but because I did not know what it meant! When I first thought of grace in a spiritual sense I thought of it as something very deep. Something that you can only thoroughly understand by hours of study on the subject. 

I knew what the characteristic grace was, graceful or showing grace in actions of movement but the other meaning of grace surprised me. Favor. Acceptance. Pleasure. These are a few that stood out to me. My Mom suggested that I try looking for something in scripture every day where someone was shown grace or favor so I thought I would share my finds with you every day. (Though, don't hold me to it. Flexibility is our family's middle name!) At least I should be able to do it a couple days a week if I cannot every day. My Mom came up with the name, Flavors Of Favor. The theme for that time is going to be tea time! (Yum!)  I am hoping that every time I do a Flavors of Favor post to have a different picture of tea cups or something to do with tea. I found tons of wonderful pictures on Pinterest that I cannot wait to use! So, would you like a spot of tea? If so, meet me at the Proclaiming Grace cafe once a day to enjoy a refreshing cup of Gods favor. 

In Christ,
Evangela Grace

By the way, I am working on up-dating my blog so if you have anything you would like me to add or maybe change  I would love to hear from you!  Also, I am just got a new button for my blog. You can see the button by clicking here. I am also working on getting a new header. Both items were made for by a wonderful girl named Grace at her blog, Blog Designs By Grace. All the designs she makes are free of charge and she is so great to work with!  If you are needing blog buttons, headers, signatures and more she would be my first recommendation! 
Thank you Grace! 

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Psalm 19:14

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