Tuesday, January 1, 2013

One Humble Man. One Mighty Faith.

Suddenly, revolutionaries appear in front of me.
One shoves the barrel of a rifle into my mouth.
So this is how I'll die, I think. From the bullet of a guerrilla's gun.

But Bruce Olson did not die! He has been shot with bullets and arrows, kidnapped and tortured by guerrillas, and survived diseases, floods, and tornados during four decades as a lone missionary in the jungles of South America.

Yet by relying on God through it all, he has achieved the "impossible"–the Motilone Indians have chosen to walk the path of Jesus Christ and have been given the tools to forge their own vibrant future–and Bruce has discovered lasting peace in his own heart.

Bruchko and the Motilone Miracle has been a remarkable read...full of adventure, tragedy, faith, and love. It has shown how, despite incredible dangers and obsticals, one human man and a nation of primitive, violent Indians-by joining together in simple obedience–can be transformed forever by the sovereign will of God.

-Taken from "Brucho and the Motilone Miricle"

My sisters and I love missionary stories and this is definitely one of our favorites! I just recieved the sequel to "Bruchko" and I just finished it! I think what stood out to me most was how many people thought that he would not succeed in bringing this vicious tribe to Christ...but he did! The first book goes into detail about Bruces' early life and how he came to know and experience Christ and all the trials he went through in order to bring the Word of Life to the Motilone tribes of South America. The second book hits a couple points that the first book did not as far as what happened to his family and more of the Motilones dealing with the guerrillas. The main point of the second book though is about the Motilones in the modern day. It is so encouraging to see how God has blessed the Motilones with being able to keep their tribal ways even through modern advances. Out of the 400 plus Motilone students that went to college and studied at universities-ever single one came back to their tribes and used what they learned to help their people and even their whole nation grow. Extremely inspiring! 
I am hoping to start a new column (which I will write as time permits) on writing reviews for missionary books. Of course this can be problematic since eventually I will run out of missionary books to write reviews for, but when this happens I will move on to a different column. If anyone has any ideas for some columns I would love to hear from you! You can email me at: proclaiminggrace14@gmail.com or post a comment. May you have a grace filled New Year! 

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